We are looking for PostDocs in Discrete Math or Combinatorial Optimization. The duration depends on the kind of funding. Your research would be on problems somewhere in the intersection of
  • Matrix Theory,
  • Probabilistic Combinatorics,
  • Hypergraph Theory,
  • Combinatorial Optimization.

The work environment is multi-national, interaction is in English.

The Discrete Math and Combinatorial Optimization research group is small and vibrant. Besides the above areas, there is research in Combinatorial Number Theory and Coding Theory, as well as connections with a sprawling Cryptology group.

The qualifications I am looking for are roughly the following. The ideal candidate would:
  • be fluent in English (deal breaker);
  • hold a PhD in Math (or TCS);
  • have experience and publications in at least one of the above areas;
  • have a very good record of publications (measured relative to the specifics of your area and the stage of his PostDoc life).

As for your funding, the ideal way would be to obtain that from your current or home country in the form of a fellowship. (This is a reasonable assumption if that is Germany, France, Belgium, ... For Germany, e.g., there is the DFG Research Fellowship for up to 2 years and the DAAD maintains a database of programs.) We will write the proposal together (provided your CV is sufficiently promising). For exceptional candidates, the European Union's Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions are an option, too.

If you are interested, please contact me! Informal inquiries are welcome! A very short CV and pointers to at most 3 of your favourite (own) publications would be great.

Here's some more information about Estonia & Tartu, but check out the Lonely Planet description.

  • Eurozone since 2011
  • 1.3 million inhabitants (= Cologne + Heidelberg)
  • Bustling economy
  • Language similar to Finnish
  • No need to learn it: English works everywhere. (Out of politeness, not necessity, I learned the Estonian words for: 'Hi', 'Please coffee', 'Thanks', 'Good bye'.)

  • Houses the region's most venerable university
  • Student city (= cafes, bars, restaurants, nightlife, ...)
  • Climate:
    • 4 months party in the sauna (winter)
    • 4 months party in the streets (summer)
    • (4 months inconclusive)